Year- Long Programs

Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides

Two Year Program Running September thru May

  Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides, now in its 27th season, is a two-year training program in contemplative spiritual direction. During the two years of learning the art of spiritual direction, participants will discover the richness of contemplative community, the intimacy of small group interaction, and the gift of close supervision in the practicum portion of the program.
The focus in the first year is twofold:
--grounding participants in the Christian contemplative tradition, through readings, presentations, and prayer experiences-- training participants in becoming guides for others on their spiritual journey. Participants are asked to have a spiritual director while in the program and, by December 2017, begin meeting with two individuals as a spiritual guide in training.
Meeting days include a rhythm of teaching sessions, prayer experiences, community building, individual reflections, discussions, and small group experiences. Central to our process in both years are peer groups of 4-6 people who spend time each month in spiritual support of one another and in reflecting together on the practice of spiritual direction in which the participants are engaged. Each peer group is facilitated by a trained spiritual director. In the Hybrid Track, five of these peer group meetings will take place locally.
In the second year, the rhythm and contemplative atmosphere of the meeting days continue while the content shifts and deepens with sessions focused on spiritual direction, specific spiritual traditions, various contexts for practicing spiritual direction, and with expanded peer group time for strengthening the practice of spiritual direction. In the Hybrid Track five of these peer group meetings will take place locally.
Tuition: $2695.00 per year
Please contact our office for more information.
[email protected] or
call to 717-737-8222
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Contemplative Leadership

One Year Program Running September thru May

Contemplative Leadership, invites participants who are eager to explore and ready to deepen both aspects of its title name: contemplation and leadership. This program seeks participants who are keen to be:  Deepening in Practice—Growing in Leadership.

Understanding that the contemplative way is to infuse life with an awareness of God.This program is for persons seeking to enhance this awareness through classical disciplines and other creative practices while also learning how to lead others into the contemplative life ‘back home’.  This emphases of personal spiritual formation, transforming as a contemplative leader and hands-on group leadership training will permeate the program.  There will be presentations on a variety of practices, reflection on contemplation and leadership, along with much experiential learning.  This will be coupled with opportunities in a peer group to learn the means of developing methods, enhancing skills, building confidence, and receiving feedback for leading contemplative programs in one’s own community.

 Program Intent
The intent of Contemplative Leadership is three-fold: 
~deepening contemplative living (personal transformation)
~growing contemplative leaders (leadership formation/transformation)
~equipping teachers of contemplation (leading groups in contemplation)
This program is ideal for both pastors and others seeking to deepen contemplation in ministry and life. Most participants will have previously found some contemplative practices transformative in their personal life and desire to grow in creating and equipping contemplative groups in their communities and desire the contemplative to shape and infuse their leadership. ​

Tuition: $1950.00 per year
Please contact our office for more information.
[email protected] or
call to 717-737-8222
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Deepening Year for Direction Ministries

One Year Program Running October thru May

Deepening Year for Direction Ministries (DYDM) is a year-long program in continuing education consisting of two retreats and six monthly sessions for practicing spiritual directors who desire to deepen their discernment and enhance their direction skills in a contemplative approach to the art of spiritual direction.     
Each month includes:
~ Opportunities to participate in group spiritual direction followed by group reflection
~ Listening to presentations by staff and guests on topics and themes of the day
~ Inter-active reflection and dialogue with staff on various themes
~ Engagement with themes through guided retreat time.
~ Peer sharing, mutual support, and the experience of contemplative community
~ Use of verbatim and response questions to enhance growth in discernment
~ Sharpening skills through supervision by staff and peers
~ Celebrating gifts and growth in self-awareness and self-understandings
~ Developing the art of prayerful self-supervision
Topics explored this year include: Contemplation and the Art of Spiritual Direction, What is spiritual direction?, Discernment of Interior Movements, Transference and Counter transference, Awakening to Desire, Love and Mysticism, Attachments, Addiction and Spiritual Direction,  Spiritual Growth: Movement, Resistance and Grace,  Issues of Social Justice in Spiritual Direction, Working with Dreams in a Group Process,  Understanding and Responding to the Process of Grief,  Forgiveness: Encouraging the Healing Choice of Release,  Honoring Boundaries, Positions of Power and Language of Power, Legal and Ethical Issues in Spiritual Direction, Sabbath Practices and Self-Care of the Director’s Body and Soul,  Interpreting the Language of our Bodies through Focusing, Growing and Tending a Spiritual Direction Practice.

Project Title

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Tuition: $2695.00 per year
Please contact our office for more information.
[email protected] or
call to 717-737-8222

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One Year Program Running September thru May

Men4Directions is a renewable year-long program* of Oasis Ministries intended to help men grow in faith, self-awareness, and spiritual wholeness. The program includes small group community, quarterly retreats, and solo-time in the wilderness to engage with Spirit and Soul.~

Why Men?
We can all use help finding our way from time to time -- men are no different. Men need the support of one another to be honest and real about life. Through small group discussions, monthly consultation with a "spiritual brother", and contemplative practice, men are encouraged to know themselves, listen to the still small voice within, and to honor their souls. The result could change lives and lead to a whole new world.

4 Commitments Make it Happen

~Covenant - a promise among brothers to study, pray, share, and grow together for one year.
~Community - quarterly retreats in the woods to listen, discuss, and discern with others. The time between retreats will be bolstered by one-to-one elder mentoring and peer support.
~Contemplation - a regular practice of silence and solitude 
~Compassion - a regular practice of service to others  
Tuition: $900.00 per year
Please contact our office for more information.
[email protected] or
call to 717-737-8222

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Training Program Locations

CrossRoads Retreat Center

29 Pleasant Grove Road
Port Murray, NJ 07865
Phone: (908) 832-7264​

Kirkridge Retreat Center

Kenbrook Retreat Center

​​2495 Fox Gap Road
Bangor, PA 18013 
Phone: (610) 588-1793

190 Pine Meadow Road 
Lebanon, PA 17046
Phone: (717)865-4547

Year Long Programs- Leader Bios

"One of my favorite theologians is John Calvin who said,'True Wisdon consists in two things: knowledge of God and knowledge of self.' Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides has opened my understanding of this wisdom because of one addition: The program enabled me to become aware that the theological concept knowledge of self and God is better seen through the lens of love and the kind listening of the spiritual companion who walks with you to discover God and self." Chuck Link- (Participant SDSG 2015-2017)
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