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395 Bridle Path
Bethlehem, PA  18017

Hybrid Track and Distance Options Available

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Lead Teachers

Glenn Mitchell
Jo Ann Kunz
​Melanie Taormina

Tuition: $2695.00 per year ​​

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2018-2019 SDSG I and II

Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides 
2 Year Program
Now in its 28th season, SDSG is a two-year training program in contemplative spiritual direction. During the two years of learning the art of spiritual direction, participants will discover the richness of contemplation in community, the intimacy of small group interaction, and the gift of close supervision in the practicum portion of the program.
The 20 meeting days spread over the two years include a rhythm of teaching sessions, prayer experiences, community building, individual reflection, discussions, and small
group experiences. Central to our process in both years are peer groups of 4-6 people who spend time each month in spiritual support of one another and in reflecting together on their practice of spiritual direction. Each peer group is facilitated by a trained spiritual director. Participants are asked to have a spiritual director while in the program and, by December 2018, begin meeting with two individuals as a spiritual guide in training. 

In the first year participants are immersed in the Christian contemplative tradition
through readings, presentations, and prayer experiences while simultaneously learning
the art of spiritual direction.

In the second year, the rhythm and contemplative atmosphere of the meeting days 
continue while the content shifts and deepens with sessions focused on: spiritual 
direction, specific spiritual traditions, various contexts for practicing spiritual direction,
 and expanded peer group time to strengthen the practice of spiritual direction.

Hybrid Track and Distance Learning Options

Our “Hybrid Track” model creates a local option for community and learning while
maintaining access to the teaching and the content of the program. A cohort with its
own spiritual director leader can be formed when there are four or more interested
participants in a common geographic area. The hybrid cohort joins the full SDSG
learning community for the opening and closing retreats and for one meeting day in
the winter. The remaining five monthly meetings would then take place locally for
the cohort. The local meetings are planned with accommodation to the member’s
schedules. The teaching content of the SDSG sessions the hybrid participants are not
present for is provided online.

For distance learning options for those not able to join a cohort please contact us.

Is SDSG right for you?

  • Do you like being a listener to others--receiving from others their stories, their longings, their dreams and experiences?
  • Do you find that others often seek you out to share their spiritual queries?
  • Do you long for a spiritual home--a place where who you are finds a safe and supportive community? A place where you can continue to learn and grow?
  • Do you love to ponder or ask life's big questions?
  • Do you long for an inner quiet amidst the busyness and overflow of daily life? 

SDSG is especially suited to those who are seeking to deepen their practice of prayer and
learn about being a spiritual companion to others. The program is open to lay persons
and clergy.

Year II is for persons with Year I or equivalent.

Credits: Continuing Education Credit available for each year.
 .pdf Flyer Available to View or Download
 .pdf Brochure with complete information to view or download

Dates for SDSG Year I and II



Opening Retreat

Opening Retreat

10:00 am Tuesday - 3:00 pm Wednesday

10:00 am Thursday - 3:00 pm Friday

9/25/18 - 9/26/18

9/27/18 - 9/28/18

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

10:00 am - 5:00 pm













Closing Retreat

Closing Retreat

10:00 am Wednesday - 3:00 pm Thursday

10:00 am Monday - 3:00 pm Tuesday

5/13/19 - 5/14/19

5/15/19 - 5/16/19

Additional Information

TUITION: $2,695 per year, plus an Application Fee of $200*  first year (non-refundable, not part of tuition).
The balance of tuition may be paid in full at any time.

*Please Note: If you are a Princeton Student, the application fee is waived.

               If the application is received by May 31, 2018, the participant will receive a discount of $100 from their tuition.
               If the application is received after August 31, 2018, $75 will be added to their tuition fee.

Payments by check or credit card  (MasterCard, Visa and Discover) are welcome.  
If paying via installments we anticipate the first payment to be $350 (plus $75 if application was received after August 31, 2018, minus $100 if application was received prior to May 31, 2018).  The first payment is due upon acceptance into the program (by September) and payments of $335 monthly October- April.

SDSG I and II participants are asked to complete a Payment Agreement Form. This form is included in the Acceptance Letter received by SDSG I participants. For SDSG II participants, please click here to open this form that can be completed online or printed and mailed to the office. The form will open in a new window. Please download the form first, then fill in your information, save it again and then attach as a document in an email to the office.

If withdrawing prior to September 1, a full refund of tuition already paid will be returned, less $50 to cover administrative time and processing.

Tuition is the same for Classic and Hybrid Tracks. Tuition remains the same regardless of the number of sessions
attended. Oasis rarely cancels due to weather. If a regular program is cancelled due to weather an online meeting may be possible and any missed content will be made available to participants. No refunds for snow days or for sessions a participant needs to miss.

Some scholarship help is available. Scholarship is granted based upon scholarship receipts and requests.
Contact us after seeking assistance from other local sources of funding (like your church or denomination). 

SDSG I and II Leaders
Lead Teachers
  1. Glenn Mitchell
    Glenn Mitchell, M.Div., (SDSG DYDM CL), is Director of Oasis Ministries and a teacher with Oasis since 1996. Glenn was trained in spiritual guidance by the Shalem Institute and Oasis Ministries. He is a lead teacher in Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides and offers leadership in other Oasis training programs and single day events. Glenn has a practice of spiritual direction based in State College, PA. Glenn has two adult children and is married to Theresa Shay. Glenn loves all things contemplative and in his spare time enjoys watching birds, restoring their 1800's log home and making things from wood.
  2. Jo Ann Kunz
    Jo Ann Kunz (SDSG DYDM), M.A., serves as a Senior Pastor at a non-denominational Christian church located in Lititz, PA. She teaches spiritual formation/spiritual direction at both Eastern University and Evangelical Theological Seminary, as well as being a certified Enneagram trainer. Jo Ann has been part of the faculty of Oasis Ministries since 2001. She serves as a retreat and workshop facilitator, maintains a private spiritual direction practice, and holds a special interest in dream work.
  3. Melanie Taormina
    Melanie Taormina (SDSG) is a graduate of Oasis Ministries’ Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides program and has a spiritual direction practice in Williamsport, Pa. She has led contemplative Bible studies and workshops and retreats on prayer and spirituality. She finds inspiration and expression in poetry, photography, and Taize prayer, and has discovered in the joys and demands of parenthood a crucible for the practice of presence. Melanie lives with her husband and young son in Williamsport, where she is active in her church and in the Lycoming College community.
Additional Leaders
  1. Ruth Workman
    Ruth Workman (SDSG DYDM), EdM, MA, is a Certified Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, and Certified Supervisor of Spiritual Directors. She has offered Spiritual Direction since 1995. Ruth Is a teacher in the Deepening Year in Direction Ministries and a peer group leader for Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides years 1 and 2 through Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Formation. She is an Adjunct Professor at Princeton Theological Seminary where she teaches Spiritual Direction and offers individual and group Spiritual Direction to students and faculty. Ruth leads Ignatian and contemplative retreats at The Sanctuary, her home in Stone Harbor, NJ.
  2. Betty Wright-Riggins
    Betty Wright- Riggins, (SDSG) is an ordained American Baptist minister. She holds a BA, MA and MDiv. She is a spiritual director, retreat leader, church transitions and spiritual formation consultant. She is a certified Grief and Recovery Method Specialist. Betty has served her community as pastor, adjunct professor teaching courses in prayer, spiritual formation and grief and loss. She has been a principal, speech pathologist, and financial services consultant for pastors. Betty currently convenes a spiritual formation group in her home and is a member of the spiritual directors network serving students at Princeton Theological Seminary.