Lead Teacher
Andrew Barton

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Opening and Closing Retreat Location:

Green Pastures
The Home of Andrew and Joyce Barton
302 Bridle Path Lane
Weatherly, PA 18255

Monthly Meeting Location:

The House Next Door
177 Princeton-Hightstown Road
Princeton Junction, NJ  08550

(609) 799-1753

Tuition: $1950 per year

Please contact our office for more information:
(717) 737-8222

2018-2019 CL

Contemplative Leadership
One Year Certificate Program
Contemplative Leadership is a one-year certificate program in spiritual deepening and contemplative leadership. It is ideal for both pastors and others seeking to deepen contemplation in ministry and life. Most participants will have previously found contemplative practices transformative in their personal life and desire to grow in creating and equipping contemplative groups in their communities.
The intent of Contemplative Leadership is three-fold: 
  1. Deepening contemplative living (personal transformation)
  2. Growing contemplative leaders (leadership formation/transformation)
  3. Equipping teachers of contemplation (leading groups in contemplation)

Understanding that the contemplative way is to infuse life with an awareness of God, this program is for persons seeking to enhance this awareness through classical disciplines and other creative practices while also learning how to lead others into the contemplative life ‘back home’. These emphases of personal spiritual formation, transforming as a contemplative leader and hands-on group leadership training will permeate the program. There will be presentations on a variety of practices, reflection on contemplation and leadership, along with much experiential learning. This will be coupled with opportunities in a peer group to learn the means of developing methods, enhancing skills, building confidence, and receiving feedback for leading contemplative programs in one’s own community. 
Themes explored through the Contemplative Leadership Program:
1. Stillness and Silence
2. Movement
3. Inward Attentiveness
4. Daily Attentiveness
5. Compassionate Living
6. Listening and Speaking
7. Creativity and Playfulness
8. Ritual and Rhythms
Gatherings Include:
  • Presentations by leadership
  • Contemplative practices
  • Dialogue among participants
  • Readings and reflection
  • Space for personal retreat and solitude
  • Peer group experiences
  • Prayer and worship experiences 

Is CL right for you?

Contemplative Leadership
  • Do you hunger for ways to go deeper in your spiritual life?
  • In your prayer life are you feeling drawn to fewer words?
  • Do you feel invited to accompany and lead others in the practice of prayer?
  • Would you like to find ways to integrate your leadership more deeply with your spiritual life?
  • Do you cherish the energy that stirs when people gather together in prayer or meditation?
 .pdf Flyer Available to Download
 .pdf Brochure with complete information to view or download

Dates for Contemplative Leadership

Opening Retreat

Location: Green Pastures

10:00 am Wednesday - 2:00 pm Friday

10/17/18 - 10/19/18

Monthly Meetings

Location: The House Next Door

9:30 am - 4:30 pm


*December meeting rescheduled to February

No January Meeting

* 2/14/19 - 2/15/19 at Green Pastures



Closing Retreat

Location: Green Pastures

10:00 am Thursday - 2:00 pm Friday

5/9/19 - 5/10/19

Additional Information

TUITION: $1950*, plus an Application Fee of $200 (non-refundable, not part of tuition).
The balance of tuition may be paid in full at any time.

               If the application is received by May 31, 2018, the participant will receive a discount of $50 from their tuition.
               If the application is received after August 31, 2018, $50 will be added to their tuition fee.

*Participants who have previously completed the Oasis Ministries Contemplative Leadership program will receive a discounted tuition rate of $1560 (normally $1950).

Payments by check or credit card  (MasterCard, Visa and Discover) are welcome.  If paying via installments we anticipate the first payment to be $200 (plus $50 if application was received after August 31, 2018, minus $50 if application was received prior to May 31, 2018).  The first payment is due upon acceptance into the program (by September) and payments of $250 monthly October- April. If withdrawing prior to September 1, a full refund of tuition already paid will be returned, less $50 to cover administrative time and processing.

Tuition remains the same regardless of the number of sessions attended. Oasis rarely cancels due to weather. If a regular program is cancelled due to weather an online meeting may be possible and any missed content will be made available to participants. No refunds for snow days or for session a participant needs to miss.

Some scholarship help is available. Scholarship is granted based upon scholarship receipts and requests.
Contact us after seeking assistance from other local sources of funding (like your church or denomination). 

Participants of Contemplative Leadership will be asked to:
  • Engage in a regular prayer practice which nourishes awareness of the sacred
  • Be open to expanding beyond already familiar spiritual practices
  • Complete the assigned readings and write two brief papers
  • Bring an openness and collegiality to peer group experience
  • As feedback and evaluation is part of the growth process, come open to both giving and receiving feedback. 
  • Plan and lead a contemplative group, retreat, or series of quiet days in your home community​ (minimum 6-8 contact hours) or another project which integrates the contemplative into your place of leadership. Share your experience in a presentation at the closing retreat. 
  1. Lead Teacher
    Lead Teacher
    Andrew Barton
    Andrew Barton recently retired as Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Hamilton Square, NJ. He now serves as pastoral mentor and spiritual guide to seminary students and clergy, and offers spiritual direction and hosts retreats at his home "Green Pastures". Andrew completed the Oasis programs Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides and Contemplative Living. He has also completed the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation certificate programs, Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups and Retreats led by Tilden Edwards, Gerald May and Rosemary Dougherty.
  2. Adjunct Teacher
    Adjunct Teacher
    Glenn Mitchell
    Glenn Mitchell, M.Div., (SDSG DYDM CL), is Director of Oasis Ministries and a teacher with Oasis since 1996. Glenn was trained in spiritual guidance by the Shalem Institute and Oasis Ministries. He is a lead teacher in Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides and offers leadership in other Oasis training programs and single day events. Glenn has a practice of spiritual direction based in State College, PA. Glenn has two adult children and is married to Theresa Shay. Glenn loves all things contemplative and in his spare time enjoys watching birds, restoring their 1800's log home and making things from wood.