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Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides




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What is this thing called 'spiritual direction?'


in Contemplative Prayer and Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides, now in its 26th season, is a two-year training program in contemplative prayer and spiritual direction.  During the two years, participants  will experience and  learn to practice the disciplines of contemplative prayer and the art of contemplative spiritual direction. Through both years, participants will discover the richness of contemplative community, the intimacy of small group interaction, and the depths of contemplative prayer.  

"At this time of transition in my life, the Oasis SDSG program has offered the opportunity for gentle gestation, quiet transformation, and a gradual unfolding moving me to further growth in God."

~ Arlene Hoyt

For Whom

SDSG is especially suited to those who are seeking to deepen their practice of prayer and learn about being a spiritual companion to others. Lay persons and clergy are welcome.

Year II is for persons with Year I or equivalent.

Class Size and Credits: Class size is limited to 30. If you are seeking Continuing Education Credit, CEUs are available per year.

"SDSG has helped me rediscover the moment -here and now -and celebrate in it. Being well schooled in delayed gratification, I am relearning to enjoy life as it happens."
~ Verne Greiner 

Labyrinth at Kirkridge

Program Format -
Options for Participants

Our "Classic Track" format is well refined over 25 years to provide a learning environment offering participants an intimate community, strong teaching and quality supervision. We also recognize that for a variety of reasons related to schedules and distance, participating at this level can be challenging for some. We began last year an alternative track that addresses these challenges. We call it our "Hybrid Track" and it creates a local option for community and learning while maintaining access to the teaching and the content of the program. Wherever we have at least four interested participants in an area a cohort can be formed, a leader provided and five of the yearly meetings will take place locally. The hybrid cohorts join the full SDSG community for the opening and closing retreats and for one meeting day in the winter, thus reducing the number of trips to our training site to three a year while being present to half of the year’s total training  days. Content of “missed” sessions is provided online.

Curious about the Hybrid Track?
Visit and the “Dates” section of this page for more information on the Hybrid Track model.  Check out FAQs!  


"My growth in faith and relationship with the Divine surpassed whatever I thought upon first entering SDSG -- Out of that came the call to be a spiritual director which has brought breath, joy and enthusiasm in my daily life and ministry."
~ Linda Bonfiglio

Focus of the Program

The focus in the first year is twofold:  grounding participants in the Christian contemplative tradition, through readings (both classical and contemporary), class presentations on a variety of topics and prayer experiences, along with assisting participants in being a guide for others on their spiritual journey.  Participants are asked to have a spiritual director while in the program and, by December 2016, begin meeting with two individuals as a spiritual guide in training.

Meeting days include a rhythm of teaching sessions, prayer experiences, community building, individual reflections, discussions, and small group experiences. Central to our process in both years are peer groups of 4-6 people who spend time each month in spiritual support of one another and in reflecting together on the practice of spiritual direction in which the participants are engaged. Each peer group is facilitated by a trained spiritual director. In the Hybrid Track, five of these peer group meetings will take place locally.

In the second year, the rhythm and contemplative atmosphere of the meeting days continue while the content shifts and deepens with sessions focused on spiritual direction, specific spiritual traditions, psychology, and Christian mysticism, with expanded peer group time for strengthening the practice of spiritual direction. In the Hybrid Track five of these peer group meetings will take place locally.

"Year after year, I look out at the faces of the new participants on the opening retreat day of SDSG and I see something of who they and how they are.  Two years later, in the closing retreat, I look out at these same faces and they are not the same persons.  That difference, enveloped in the coming of love and prayer, is Oasis." 
~ Glenn Mitchell, Director of Training and Program


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Glenn Mitchell, M.Div., is Director of Training and Program for Oasis Ministries (since 2001) and a lead teacher in SDSG (since 1996). Glenn has a practice of spiritual direction in the State College, PA area. He is a Shalem graduate and has a passion for mysticism, working in wood, making books, and the intersection of contemplation and life.

Nancy L. Bieber,
M.A., M.S., has been on staff at Oasis Ministries since 1996. In 2008, she guided the creation of the Contemplative Living program and provided its leadership for the next seven years. She presently serves as a lead teacher for the Spiritual Direction program. Nancy is a clinical psychologist whose ministry has called her to spiritual direction, retreat leadership and teaching. She is the author of Decision-Making and Spiritual Discernment: The Sacred Art of Finding Your Way. A Quaker and a graduate of Shalem Institute, Nancy finds joy in her garden, in traveling with her husband Larry, and spending time with their four granddaughters.  
Link to Nancy's website

BJ Katen-Narvell holds an AB in Religion from Princeton University, an MBA from the Wharton Graduate Division, University of Pennsylvania, an MA in Christian Spirituality from The General Seminary of the Episcopal Church and is a 2012 graduate of the SDSG program of Oasis Ministries.  After twelve years in corporate marketing and brand management she retired to focus on family and nonprofit work. Most recently she was Coordinator of the Lilly Endowment Sabbath Renewal Program at Princeton Theological Seminary.  She is married and has three grown daughters.

Jo Ann Kunz, M.A., serves as a Senior Pastor at a non-denominational Christian church located in Lititz, PA. She teaches spiritual formation/spiritual direction at both Eastern University and Evangelical Theological Seminary. Jo Ann has been part of the faculty of Oasis Ministries since 2001 (also see DYDM).

Ruth Workman
, Ed.M., M.A., is a Certified Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, and Certified Supervisor of Spiritual Directors. Additionally, she offers contemplative retreats at The Sanctuary and facilitates spiritual direction groups at Princeton Theological Seminary. Ruth has been a leader with Oasis since 2007 (see DYDM) and is ordained as an elder in the Presbyterian Church USA.


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YEAR I—Classic Track

10:00 a.m.,
Monday, September 26, 2016 through 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 27, 2016

10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.,
Oct. 26, Dec. 7, 2016
4, Feb. 1, Mar. 1, Apr.  5, 2017

10:00 a.m.,
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 through 3:00 p.m., Thursday, April 27, 2017


YEAR I—Hybrid Track


Jan. or Feb. Meeting Day
—to be decided—dates as above

Five Monthly Meetings
of 3—3.5 hours each; days and times to be decided by group




YEAR II—Classic Track

10:00 a.m., Wednesday, September 28, 2016
through 3:00 p.m., Thursday, September 29, 2016

10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.,
Oct. 27, Dec. 8, 2016
Jan. 5, Feb. 2, Mar. 2, Apr. 6, 2017

10:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 9, 2017 through 3:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 10, 2017


YEAR II—Hybrid Track


Jan. or Feb. Meeting Day
—to be decided—dates as above

Five Monthly Meetings of 3—3.5 hours each; days and times to be decided by group


The above dates are for the 2016-2017 program year.  It is our practice to keep meeting days consistent over the two-years you are in the program.  (Example: If you begin the program this year, your meeting day will regularly be on Thursdays, your dates for your second year in 2017-2018 will continue to be on Thursdays.)

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Kirkridge Bench

Training Site Location

Kirkridge Retreat Center - located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains

2495 Fox Gap Road

Bangor, PA 18013

Phone: (610) 588-1793 *

Map Directions



"For a very long time I have been searching for something that was missing in my life.
I found it in SDSG. It has helped me in my personal journey and in journeying with others."

~ Marie S. Rodichok


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Learn more about the program by viewing a brochure (Click here). A bibliography can be sent to you by contacting our office (717.737.8222;

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TUITION: $2,550* per year
Plus an Application Fee of $200 first year (non-refundable).
If application fee received by May 31, discount $100 from application fee.
If application fee received after August 31, add $75 to application fee.

*The balance of tuition may be paid in full at any time. Payments by MasterCard, Visa and Discover are welcome. If paying via installments we anticipate $350 due upon acceptance into the program (by September) and 8 payments of $275 monthly with the balance due by closing retreat.

Participants are expected to attend all sessions and tuition remains the same regardless of the number of sessions attended.

*If withdrawing prior to September 1, a full refund will be returned, less $50 to cover administrative time and processing.

Note: Tuition is the same for Classic and Hybrid Tracks. Tuition remains the same regardless of the number of sessions attended. Oasis rarely cancels due to weather. If a regular program is canceled due to weather an effort will be made to get missed content to participants. No refunds for snow days or for session a participant needs to miss.  

Some scholarship help is available. Scholarship is granted based upon scholarship receipts and requests. Contact us after seeking assistance from other local sources of funding (like your church or denomination).

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Let Us Know Of Your Interest

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides.
To apply or for additional information, send the following information to

  • Program you are interested in applying to

  • Your Contact Info: Name, Address, Phone (home, work, cell), and Email

  • Religious Affiliation

  • Spiritual Director (if you have one, please share the name of; if you do not have one, please let us know if you desire a suggestion or referral.)

  • A short statement (approximately one page, single-spaced) answering:
    1. What prompts your interest in this program?
    2. What vocational/spiritual experiences lie behind this prompting?
    3. What specifically do you hope to gain from the program?
    4. What readings and personal experiences have influenced your understanding of spiritual guidance?

  • Include the names, addresses, and phone numbers of two persons whom you ask to be supportive to you through this process. Please ask each supporter, as a "reference," to write and send/email to the Oasis office a brief statement sharing how he/she thinks this program is right for you. (You may give them a copy of the brochure.)

  • Let us know how you wish to process your application fee (will you be sending us a check, or would you like to use credit card?  Credit cards can be processed over the phone [717.737.8222] or on-line using the button below.)


Please Note: If you click on the 'Payment' button above to submit your application fee or make a program payment, it uses headings like you are making a donation to Oasis.  This is NOT considered a donation, but using this format allows users to put in variable amounts.


Email submission preferred, or you may mail it to:

ATTN: Registrar
419 Deerfield Road
Camp Hill, PA 17011

Thank you!

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